IDID3Dltd is revolutionizing the 3D printing and media industry

By using 3D scanning and printing technology, the company is able to create lifelike action figures, statues, and busts of people. This technology has the potential to empower people in a unique way, as individuals are able to see the inner superhero within themselves, leading to increased self-esteem, reflection, and self-motivation.   What makes this service so appealing is that it is open to everybody from all walks of life. The process is quick and easy, as it only involves a 10–15-minute 3D scan in the company’s studio based in South London. IDID3Dltd is also willing to travel to customer’s within a 20km radius, though a call-out fee is involved.   The possibilities made available through IDID3Dltd’s 3D printing and media technology are endless. It has the potential to create a positive impact on the lives of many, as individuals can now recognize their inner superhero and strive to reach their true potential. IDID3Dltd is truly leading the way in 3D printing and media technology.